Three tips for the Year Compass: how to set and achieve your goals in 2018!

Hey friends! First of all, a happy new year 😀 (Until when is it acceptable to wish people a happy new year?) I still have colleagues starting their emails off with their well wishes. So that kind of justifies me writing this kind of blog post while we’re nearly an entire week into the new year. While it was super satisfying that the 1st of January was a Monday, it kind of meant that I felt propelled straight into a work week, and that I didn’t yet manage to take the time to sit down and reflect properly on the previous year and the year ahead. That’s why I’m about to share my weekend plans with you. Now introducing: the Year Compass. A workbook that contains brilliant questions to allow you to reflect on the previous year and help you set goals for the year ahead. Yup, this is my weekend plan.

On the 1st of January in 2017, I was lucky enough to have my best friend over whom I’ve know since I was 7.. That’s a solid TWO decades 🙂 We made ourselves a cup of tea (and then some more) and took almost half a day to answer all the questions, while it was snowing outside. Okay, it probably wasn’t, but I just wanted to paint you a really cosy image.

Now, a year later, I can kind of remember what I wrote down (I forgot to bring it with me to Thailand, oops), and I know that I definitely didn’t achieve all my goals. That’s why I have some tips for you, to help you get the most out of your Year Compass (which is mostly advice from myself, to myself, so do with it as you wish).

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#1 Be realistic

So look, we all want a million dollars, but maybe we should break that down and look at what it is we REALLY need. In this case, do you need funding for a super cool project that’s going to save the world? Or maybe financial freedom? What are the steps that you need to take to get there? Make yourself a roadmap with step-by-step mini goals, and time frames in which you plan to do them. What do you want to achieve in 3 months? 6 months? 1 year? E.g. “save up enough money to dick around for 3 months take a sabbatical and find out whether the entrepreneur life is for me → 6 months” Baby steps, that’s all I’m saying. And write that shit down. This brings me right to tip #2:

#2 Write that shit down

Okay, so this may have been my biggest mistake. I filled the entire year compass in like the good girl I am, and filed my answers away ever since. Never looked at them again. Probably because I was too scared to read my goals again and realise I wasn’t on track.. It’s amazing how much our own BS can get in the way of us reaching our full potential. So here’s what I should’ve done and what I will do this year: make your long and short term goals tweetable (i.e. <140 characters), and write them on a piece of paper that you stick on your mirror. You need to look at that shit everyday to remind yourself of the journey you want to lay out ahead of you. Don’t let it be a fun new year’s day exercise you once did. Take yourself seriously!

#3 Iterate

As in: make it an iterative process. So what if you’re not on track! You should have goals, but also know that they’re subject to change. Keep going back to your goals and revise as you see fit. You never know who you meet, where you end up travelling to, the inspiration that’s gonna hit you.. Use the year compass as a way to guide yourself to success, whatever this means to you!


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