My new kickass daily routine

Holy smokes, for a second I thought I was about to write my first post of 2018, but it is actually my second..! I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do with this blog, especially when the time came to pay my hosting for the year again. My conclusion was that I’m keeping it, even though I don’t post as much as I want to. I’ve decided that even if I manage to inspire one person with one post, then that makes me happy! And inevitably, thinking about writing more often made me rethink the way I manage my time. Writing more = making time = reality check = reexamining my daily routines. I feel like I’ve finally figured something out that works for me, and it includes both freedive training, meditation and yoga on a daily basis!

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Sunshine Sister: Vivian Raaijmakers

This is an interview series with women that inspire me. Women that are doing cool shit with their lives. The Sunshine Sisters of the world! Be prepared to meet change makers, paradigm shifters, visionaries, game changers, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, adventurers, teachers, environmentalists, activists, renegades and storytellers from every corner of the globe! These interviews intend to share real life stories about how these women were able to diverge from the beaten path and follow their dreams. Learn how weaknesses were turned intro strengths and how breakdowns were actually preparations for breakthroughs!

Today I would like to introduce Vivian Raaijmakers from Memories Like Tattoos. This girl is living her dream on the small island of Bali. What I love about her is that she’s showing us how little you need to be truly happy. She ditched her old life, along with all of her possessions in her native country the Netherlands, and became a yoga teacher in Bali. While it can sometimes be hard to live on a tight budget, she’s showing us that it doesn’t really matter as long as you’ve got your health, you’re surrounded by good people, and yes, the stunning island and sunshine easily make it all worth it! Because what do we really need in our lives that you’ll never be able to buy?

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Biggest adventure of my life!


I’ve rewritten this post a silly amount of times. My first version was written somewhere in October 2016. Around the time when I bought my plane tickets to Bangkok. I wanted to share with you the story of Sunshine Sister and what was in store for it. Somehow, my scarcity mentality got the better of me and I kept thinking.. What if somebody steals my idea? And runs off with it and actually does a better job? Shouldn’t I keep this thing a secret until everything is ready so I can relaunch my blog and webshop with a bang and impress the shit out of everyone??

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