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Basically, Earth Tone in Pai is the whole reason why I’ve decided to add the category ‘Hot Spot’ to my blog. I wasn’t gonna do that whole thing, and write about places that I actually want to keep a secret (i.e. all to my self!). But I just can’t keep this one from you. Your life won’t be complete if you haven’t visited Earth Tone in Pai.

I’ve never been so serious or adamant about persuading anyone to go to certain places, but Earth Tone is different. I went on a short weekend trip to Pai with my friends last month, and decided to check out this tiny little vegan restaurant that I had heard about from a friend. It was the best and worst decision ever. Worst because it kept us from discovering anything else (yeap, we ate here 3 days in a row). Best because the food was SO incredible, that we each ordered two meals every single day, just so we could sample as much as possible from their extensive menu.

It felt a little obnoxious having an entire table covered with plates of food, but it’s Pai. First, second and third breakfasts are common practice. Black rice pudding and spaghetti with cashew pesto for less than $3 each? Bring it. A Vietnamese egg coffee that tasted like tiramisu (the only non-vegan thing I had) with buckwheat waffles topped with tropical fruits, honey and homemade cashew butter?? Whaaaat. Vegan Thai Tea flavoured ice cream for dessert at 11am? YASSS.

There’s only one thing that I love more than good food. It’s CHEAP good food. I don’t think I ever spent more than $8 per day and literally ate as much as I could handle. And are you ready for this place to become even more amazing? They have water refills for silly cheap, and an Ayurvedic shop where you can buy anything from papaya leaf tea (so gross, but so effective in treating dengue fever) to colloidal silver (helps treat UTI and inflamed skin). And ah! Let’s not forget the home brewed kombucha! #takemeback.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking now.

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Pai is not an easy place to get to (train/bus/flight to Chiangmai, then a 3 hr minivan ride through the mountains to Pai), but Earth Tone and many other Paian delights make it totally worth it!

Thanks for reading!

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