Ditch coffee, drink matcha!

Since having spent considerate amounts of time living in Southeast Asia (as a grown up, might I add), this has become one of my favourite drinks of all time. As you know, you can pretty much get matcha everything here. Ice cream, Kit-Kats, matcha flavoured almond milk.. You name it! And while it has been ‘trendy’ for many years now, it is still all the rage. Probably because of all the health benefits, energising properties, and the fact that samurai warriors used to drink this before going into battle. Then it MUST be good. This is basically coffee minus the jitters. Oh, and it also contains the most antioxidants of all teas. Hello gorgeous skin!

When I got my first bag of matcha I didn’t really know how to prepare it. Just stirring it into hot water results in a -let’s just say- pretty intense concoction. Half a teaspoon of matcha powder is 10x as strong as a regular cup of green tea where you brew the leaves and discard them. With matcha tea, you’re actually consuming the whole tea leaf that has been ground into a fine powder. This is how you are getting all that plant goodness, which is normally thrown away with the tea bag.

The reason why this drink has such an intense green colour, is because the plant is covered with a dark sheet just before harvesting resulting in the plant getting less light. It overcompensates by making extra chlorophyll (the stuff that transforms sunlight into food for plants), causing the plants to turn an intense shade of green. This special process not only gives it its unique taste, but also its health benefits!

Use the back of a spoon to make a smooth paste before adding more water.

A delicious way to drink it:

  1. Heat a milk of your choice in a milk frother (soy goes frothiest!)
  2. Add 1/2 tsp matcha that you first stir into a paste before adding up to 1/2 cup of hot water (max 80ºC)
  3. Add a sweetener of your choice: agave syrup is awesome, honey is cool too.
  4. ENJOY!

A good trick if you like frothy drinks like me:

First heat and froth your milk, then add your prepared as above matcha, then froth some more.

If you live in the Netherlands you can find matcha powder at de Tuinen and Ekoplaza. But because it’s getting more popular you can sometimes find it in supermarkets already (the fancier ones, though..)

Let me know if you’ve tried this, and whether you feel like it’s making you channel your inner samurai as well! 


Author: Eline