Bet you didn’t know this about tea bags!

The worst offenders. Image via

Recently I came across a video that reminded me of the Discovery Channel’s ‘How It’s Made’ series. I was obsessed with that shit. Learning how frozen pizzas are mass produced? Sick. How air bags are tested? Super useful. Sorry, sidetracking. What I wanted to talk to you about is the video below, showing how TEA BAGS are made (so exciting, right?). While I knew some of these guys were made of 100% plastic, including the little string, (see image above, damn those little nasties), I didn’t realise that the tea bags that LOOK like paper, are actually a mixture of paper and plastic meaning they aren’t biodegradable! Conclusion, ALL tea bags contain plastic. That’s nuts. And I wonder what it means for your health.. As far as I know, mixing plastic with hot beverages isn’t the best idea! In this blog post I wanted to show you some neat ways to drink your tea plastic free.

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Sunshine approved: bamboo straws + discount code!

Photo by @thepicker

Thanks to everyone that participated in the bamboo straw set giveaway! The winner has been notified 🙂 If you missed your chance, I have a discount code for you that is good for 10% off your entire order!

Just use ‘HEYSUNSHINESISTER’ in your checkout (valid until 31st August 2017) on the web shop!

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World Oceans Day giveaway!

[Find details about the giveaway below!]

Oh my goodness, I’M IN NEW YOOOORK!!!!! I had only been back in the Netherlands for one week when I got a call from World Merit to ask me if I wanted to represent them at the World Oceans Day conference at the United Nations. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and felt so honoured and humbled that they thought of me 😊

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Catch microfibres from clothing at the source!

Here’s a Kickstarter I am SUPER excited about! Reason number one being that it is invented by a woman (ahw yeahh girl power), and reason number two is that it is going to help us keep our oceans clean, by filtering out microplastics from our washing machines! Rachael Miller from the Rozalia Project launched the Kickstarter on the 29th of March, and within 3 hours she reached her goal of $10,000! At the time of writing, she has raised over $163,000 already!

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