Want to change the world? Here’s where to find the money.

Bernie Hollywood, philanthropist and adventurer. Mentor to our team for SDG 14!

الخيارات الثنائية استراتيجية آمنة Ever had a brilliant idea that you knew was going to change the world? Did you get stuck on how on earth you were going to fund your amazing project? Or how to gather a team of people with the same level of enthusiasm to push your idea forwards? Did you then give up? This was my reality for the longest time, until I attended Merit360. My biggest takeaway from this conference is that if you have a great idea, backed up by a well thought out project plan and business model, then “getting your funding is the easy bit.” –Bernie Hollywood. I have three letters for you: C.S.R.


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Build the plane as you fly: 5 steps

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http://1conn.com/mobil-uygulama-pazarini-facebook-domine-ediyor/ Have you ever gotten a brilliant idea where you’re like: “HOLY SH*T, this is how I’m going to change the world!!! But wait, that’s so freaking huge and complicated, I have no idea how to do it, and it’s just me by myself, so too bad, it’ll probably never happen.” Today, I got one of the best pieces of advice that will help me tackle literally any goal I have in my life.


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