Vegan pumpkin mac ‘n’ cheese inspired by By Chloe.

It’ll never look pretty..

I was first blown away by this dish –haha, can I even call it that?– when I was living in Bangkok, and frequenting Broccoli Revolution because it was such a sweet place to work AND they have super healthy food. Later on in the year I had it again: in New York at my first vegan fast food joint called by CHLOE., and I realised I should probably figure out the recipe. And guess what, it’s super freaking easy! Literally a blend-and-go recipe. And for my version you don’t need any fancy ingredients, except for some nutritional yeast, so it’s pretty much my new go-to comfort food that’s really good for you.

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An easy sustainable seafood guide from a marine biologist

By now, we’ve all heard something about overfishing in one form or another. As a conscious consumer, you really want to try and make the right choices each time you’re in the supermarket. But with so many fish species and fishing methods, how are you supposed to remember what the good choices are, and which are absolute NO-GO’s?

There is SO much information out there, that the Monterey Bay Aquarium has bundled all of it in the Seafood Watch app. While I applaud the initiative, I also understand the struggles of having to constantly delete photos on your phone to take new ones, let alone having to download an app for everything. And unfortunately, it’s not as easy as blindly trusting the certifications either. I have therefore come up with some easy to remember rules of thumb for your next seafood purchase.

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Bet you didn’t know this about tea bags!

The worst offenders. Image via

Recently I came across a video that reminded me of the Discovery Channel’s ‘How It’s Made’ series. I was obsessed with that shit. Learning how frozen pizzas are mass produced? Sick. How air bags are tested? Super useful. Sorry, sidetracking. What I wanted to talk to you about is the video below, showing how TEA BAGS are made (so exciting, right?). While I knew some of these guys were made of 100% plastic, including the little string, (see image above, damn those little nasties), I didn’t realise that the tea bags that LOOK like paper, are actually a mixture of paper and plastic meaning they aren’t biodegradable! Conclusion, ALL tea bags contain plastic. That’s nuts. And I wonder what it means for your health.. As far as I know, mixing plastic with hot beverages isn’t the best idea! In this blog post I wanted to show you some neat ways to drink your tea plastic free.

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Why you should start drinking kombucha

This raspberry flavoured kombucha was to die for!

Since I moved back to the Netherlands, I’ve been brewing my own kombucha with a SCOBY that I had brought over all the way from Bangkok. Kombucha has been dubbed the magical elixir of life by some (and hocus pocus tea by others.. haha!) If everything I’ve just written sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, definitely read on!

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How to: cold brew coffee


Source: Food For Net.

Every once in a while I eat or drink something, and get really emotional because it’s so good and it makes me want to shout from the rooftops. Cold brew coffee came into my life about two years ago when I was in Bali, and this is the first time I’ve attempted to make it myself! I’m not a huuuuge coffee drinker –as in, I don’t need it to function, and I drink it because I appreciate the taste. I wrote a blog recently, titled ‘ditch coffee, drink matcha.’ And I FULLY take it back. Sorry, coffee. Continue reading “How to: cold brew coffee”

Ditch coffee, drink matcha!

Since having spent considerate amounts of time living in Southeast Asia (as a grown up, might I add), this has become one of my favourite drinks of all time. As you know, you can pretty much get matcha everything here. Ice cream, Kit-Kats, matcha flavoured almond milk.. You name it! And while it has been ‘trendy’ for many years now, it is still all the rage. Probably because of all the health benefits, energising properties, and the fact that samurai warriors used to drink this before going into battle. Then it MUST be good. This is basically coffee minus the jitters. Oh, and it also contains the most antioxidants of all teas. Hello gorgeous skin!

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Vegan kimchi tofu scramble

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I am completely in love with this simple meal! We came back from an awesome surf trip to Morocco and managed to make this with ingredients that were still in our fridge; that’s why the lime looks a little dried out.. And best of all (besides it being Earth-friendly), it takes 10 minutes at the most to make!

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