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I’ve rewritten this post a silly amount of times. My first version was written somewhere in October 2016. Around the time when I bought my plane tickets to Bangkok. I wanted to share with you the story of Sunshine Sister and what was in store for it. Somehow, my scarcity mentality got the better of me and I kept thinking.. What if somebody steals my idea? And runs off with it and actually does a better job? Shouldn’t I keep this thing a secret until everything is ready so I can relaunch my blog and webshop with a bang and impress the shit out of everyone??


I’ve decided that this is not the way to go and that I want to share this entire journey with you, uglies and all. Because yes, I’m scared shitless, having quit my job, saved money for a whole year, so I could take a shot at this thing. What if it doesn’t work out? What if people don’t like my products? What if I go completely broke because I’ve put all of my savings into it and nobody buys anything? What if I don’t actually manage to accomplish my goal within the set amount of time? I’ve accepted that this is definitely an outcome. And then what? Is anyone going to get hurt? My bank account doesn’t have feelings last time I checked.


Sometimes we just need to ask ourselves: “what’s the worst thing that can happen?”. This is a question to ask yourself anytime you want to push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. Ask yourself this before public speaking, asking someone out on a date, or heck, even starting the business you have always dreamed of 😉 Because if no one is going to get hurt, what really is the worst thing that can happen? You might forget what you want to say on stage, so improvise. You get rejected, so move on. You go bankrupt, there are many ways to get back up. We humans have more strength and resilience than we are set up to believe.


Saying this, I realise I couldn’t be in a more fortunate position. I have a home to return to if it doesn’t work out. I hold citizenship to one of the wealthiest countries in the world, meaning that if I fall down on my ass there are so many support systems to help me get back up. But even if these two things weren’t true for my situation, I know that there are people out there that have my back to do these things for me. They would provide a couch for me to crash on, and they’d probably feed me a few sandwiches too. Maybe even make me a green smoothie!


They say that energy goes where attention flows, so I’m going to reflect on the previous paragraph with gratitude. In the sense that I have that entire support system, instead of focusing on it as a possible outcome.


In the meantime I still haven’t told you about my idea! And since I really want to succeed, I’ve decided that sharing my story with as many people as who will listen is the way to proceed. I was listening to a podcast the other day, or perhaps it was a Marie Forleo video, and they were saying that it is impossible to get support from the people around you if they don’t know about your idea. Well helloooo, Captain Obvious. Yet we are so afraid that people will take off with our ideas if we share them publicly before succeeding! You are setting yourself up to miss out on so many ‘coincidental’ connections if you don’t spread the word of your mission. You never know who might know a friend of a friend, who can design the most amazing website for you that can help you on your path.


Getting side tracked again, did you notice? ^^ SO. Here’s what I wanna do! I actually have two ideas, but I’m just gonna grab the opportunities that come my way, and see whichever ideas get worked out first.


#catswheelseries day 8 🐾 See that huge bag on the right? It’s full of goodies for the webshop! (These bralettes will be on there too 😇) I’m excited to get them photographed today 😊 and even happier that the @giliecotrust wants to be an official partner! 10% of my profits will support them in a project I really believe in. They are setting up a sustainable waste management system on a small island in Indonesia to prevent plastics from ending up in our oceans. So much love for them and what they are doing for mama Earth 💙🌏🐠 I’m inspired! _ Host 😼 @catbradleyyoga Sponsors 🌺 @liforme 〰 @infinitystrap 👘 @onzie 🔘 @limitlesswheel _ #yoga #yogini #practiceandalliscoming #fitchicks #yogalove #instayoga #feeltheyogahigh #fitspiration #fitgirlsNL #benddontbreak #yogainspiration #bendyyogis #findwhatfeelsgood #movetofeel #dutchyogi #inspiredyogis #growwiththeflow #girlboss #startup #startuplife #backbend

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repair meclizine prescription Idea number one is to create yoga leggings made from recycled fishing nets or recycled bottles. I worked at the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre for an entire year (Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen, for you Dutchies!), where they were setting up a recycling programme for old and discarded fishing nets. There is an Italian company that recycled them into a material called Econyl, which is already used by a lot of swimwear companies. The idea here is that you create value for something that is otherwise seen as waste, giving fishermen and companies an incentive to turn this trash into treasure. A beneficial ‘side effect’ is that it is eventually going to help clean up our oceans.


The same goes for the idea of using plastic bottles. Of course I am definitely not the first person to want to do this, but as far as I know, nobody in Southeast Asia is doing it yet, where there is a HUGE need for removing plastic from the environment. I dream of setting up plastic bottle collection centres, where anyone can deposit their plastic waste and receive money for it in exchange. A part of the problem is that people don’t see the value in things they are tossing onto the streets, but if you change this aspect of it, it might just be able to make the difference for people to pick it up for recycling.


conduct Idea number two is to create affordable yoga wear for men made from sustainable materials. A few months ago, I got back into sewing and tried to design my own patterns and prototypes for these pants. IT’S SO HARD TO DO. I even got a colleague to try on one of these prototypes, and let’s just say I couldn’t stop laughing (and still can’t, when I think about it). My wishes are for these pants to be the most comfortable things in the world, giving you more than plenty of room to move around in, while looking hella stylish at the same time. Heck, I said yoga pants for men, but of course anyone can wear them! Screw gender norms. The materials I have in mind are either hemp or bamboo: both of these plants grow super fast and don’t need pesticides for a good crop yield.


With all that said, perhaps these ideas are actually surpassed in awesomeness –if I may say so myself– by the one goal that has led to both of these plans. The main reason why I want to create a profitable business is so I can use the profits to start a foundation. Throughout my studies and travels, I have noticed so many amazing marine conservation projects around the world that were always struggling to complete their projects, or achieve their goals in time, because of a lack of funding. Most NGOs are not government funded –that’s why they’re called NGOs, hah!– and are usually reliant on donations. I want to change this system and link for-profit enterprises to NGOs that are helping to make this world a better place. I believe that, other than taxes, this is the only way to secure a steady revenue stream.


If you want to follow this adventure on youtube, you can find me here! I am posting weekly vlogs, which I’m mostly using for personal documentation, but feel free to take a peek 😃 Thanks for reading, and I will catch you soon!


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