Ditch coffee, drink matcha!

Since having spent considerate amounts of time living in Southeast Asia (as a grown up, might I add), this has become one of my favourite drinks of all time. As you know, you can pretty much get matcha everything here. Ice cream, Kit-Kats, matcha flavoured almond milk.. You name it! And while it has been ‘trendy’ for many years now, it is still all the rage. Probably because of all the health benefits, energising properties, and the fact that samurai warriors used to drink this before going into battle. Then it MUST be good. This is basically coffee minus the jitters. Oh, and it also contains the most antioxidants of all teas. Hello gorgeous skin!

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Webshop re-launch: 10% off for errrybody!


I can’t think of a more appropriate day to re-launch the web shop. This time, 10% of the profits are going to the Gili Eco Trust. An organisation in Indonesia that is run by the most badass women I know. They are dealing with so much adversity (not just the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean itself, but also the authorities..), yet they keep fighting for the things they believe in.

Here’s to them and all the other bad ass girl bosses that are making a difference in this world! 🤘🏽

To celebrate the re-launch, I am giving everyone this discount code that is only valid today! WHORUNTHEWORLD.

Vegan kimchi tofu scramble

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I am completely in love with this simple meal! We came back from an awesome surf trip to Morocco and managed to make this with ingredients that were still in our fridge; that’s why the lime looks a little dried out.. And best of all (besides it being Earth-friendly), it takes 10 minutes at the most to make!

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Sunshine Sister: Iris

This is an interview series with women that inspire me. Women that are doing cool shit. The Sunshine Sisters of the world! Be prepared to meet change makers, paradigm shifters, visionaries, game changers, humanitarians, entrepreneurs, adventurers, teachers, environmentalists, activists, renegades and storytellers from every corner of the globe! These interviews intend to share real life stories about how these women were able to diverge from the beaten path and follow their dreams. Learn how weaknesses were turned intro strengths and how breakdowns were actually preparations for breakthroughs!

Today I would like to introduce Iris from the sea is my cup of tea. What fascinates me about her is that at the age of 24, she is already crafting her life’s story in exactly the way that she wants. Her wanderlust and ocean loving mind has taken her from Cornwall to Sri Lanka, and later on to Portugal where she will be starting the biggest project of her life, as you will read about here! Right now, the adventure is on hold, because she is back in The Netherlands to save up some money for a year. Sometimes, we just need to put our heads down for a while and work our asses off to turn our dreams into reality!

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6 lessons from Big Magic

Big Magic was that one peptalk I needed to finally finish my master thesis. I spent months labouring over every single paragraph, wondering if it was ‘academic’ enough and whether every sentence was the most brilliant sentence I could have possibly written. As soon as I got the slightest feeling this wasn’t the case, I wondered if perhaps I wasn’t trying my best. Or maybe if I was lazy. Or even whether I was aiming too high. Perhaps I was just an imposter, and the fact that I managed to make it this far into my degree was just a fluke.. Continue reading “6 lessons from Big Magic”

Biggest adventure of my life!


I’ve rewritten this post a silly amount of times. My first version was written somewhere in October 2016. Around the time when I bought my plane tickets to Bangkok. I wanted to share with you the story of Sunshine Sister and what was in store for it. Somehow, my scarcity mentality got the better of me and I kept thinking.. What if somebody steals my idea? And runs off with it and actually does a better job? Shouldn’t I keep this thing a secret until everything is ready so I can relaunch my blog and webshop with a bang and impress the shit out of everyone??

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