Hangout: Open House Bangkok

Image via Central Embassy.

I can’t work from home. There, I’ve said it. The chaos, the abundance of free food, and a gazillion unfinished DIY projects constantly whisper my name and drive me to the point of madness. So like any self-respecting girlboss, I’ve been on the search for a location outside of my terribly messy apartment to work. There’s nothing like long, empty reading tables and delicious food that appears at the snap of a finger (figuratively!), to inspire bouts of uninterrupted productivity. I present to you… Open House at Central Embassy in Bangkok, which has it all!

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How to afford (basically) anything

This one is for you #girlbosses out there who want to get cracking with their businesses/adventures/dreams but are facing a bit of a financial blockage. Sometimes –no, scrap that– USUALLY it feels like everything would be so much easier if someone would just give us a wad of cash so we can kickstart our journey. What if I told you that you can create a system where this wad of cash will always be available to you? Well, not always.. Just once every cycle. If you want to know how I set up a Girlboss Fund (that’s how I ended up calling it), this post is for you!

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Bet you didn’t know this about tea bags!

The worst offenders. Image via

Recently I came across a video that reminded me of the Discovery Channel’s ‘How It’s Made’ series. I was obsessed with that shit. Learning how frozen pizzas are mass produced? Sick. How air bags are tested? Super useful. Sorry, sidetracking. What I wanted to talk to you about is the video below, showing how TEA BAGS are made (so exciting, right?). While I knew some of these guys were made of 100% plastic, including the little string, (see image above, damn those little nasties), I didn’t realise that the tea bags that LOOK like paper, are actually a mixture of paper and plastic meaning they aren’t biodegradable! Conclusion, ALL tea bags contain plastic. That’s nuts. And I wonder what it means for your health.. As far as I know, mixing plastic with hot beverages isn’t the best idea! In this blog post I wanted to show you some neat ways to drink your tea plastic free.

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Why you should start drinking kombucha

This raspberry flavoured kombucha was to die for!

Since I moved back to the Netherlands, I’ve been brewing my own kombucha with a SCOBY that I had brought over all the way from Bangkok. Kombucha has been dubbed the magical elixir of life by some (and hocus pocus tea by others.. haha!) If everything I’ve just written sounds like mumbo jumbo to you, definitely read on!

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Sunshine approved: bamboo straws + discount code!

Photo by @thepicker

Thanks to everyone that participated in the bamboo straw set giveaway! The winner has been notified 🙂 If you missed your chance, I have a discount code for you that is good for 10% off your entire order!

Just use ‘HEYSUNSHINESISTER’ in your checkout (valid until 31st August 2017) on the web shop!

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Hangout: Earth Tone

Basically, Earth Tone in Pai is the whole reason why I’ve decided to add the category ‘Hot Spot’ to my blog. I wasn’t gonna do that whole thing, and write about places that I actually want to keep a secret (i.e. all to my self!). But I just can’t keep this one from you. Your life won’t be complete if you haven’t visited Earth Tone in Pai.

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5 single use items you can ditch NOW! + giveaway reminder

We are often taught to think globally but act locally. Jane Goodall said something once that really made me think, and I believe there is truth in it! She said that if we think globally, we will become filled with gloom. Because the world’s problems can get so daunting that it’s easy for us to get disheartened and give up on the good things we are already doing. What to do instead?

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World Oceans Day giveaway!

[Find details about the giveaway below!]

Oh my goodness, I’M IN NEW YOOOORK!!!!! I had only been back in the Netherlands for one week when I got a call from World Merit to ask me if I wanted to represent them at the World Oceans Day conference at the United Nations. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, and felt so honoured and humbled that they thought of me 😊

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DIY kitchen peg board

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As some of you may know, my boyfriend and I bought our very own apartment last year! While on one hand we needed to get used to the amount of space we suddenly had (separate rooms! Doors! Our own furniture! Cats! Foster dogs!), we also needed to deal with some of the spaces more creatively than in our studio apartment (believe it or not). The only thing that made us doubt our purchase was the size of the kitchen. A space that can never be big enough for two people that love to cook. Read on to find out how we created more space in our 7m2 kitchen.

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How to: meditate with a mala

If you’ve been following my journey on Instagram, you may have seen some mala necklaces pass by occasionally. What are they and what do people use them for I hear you ask. Well, I’m glad you did, because I want to show you how these wonderful necklaces are a great tool for supporting a regular meditation practice. While I highly recommend using apps for guided meditations like Headspace, it is nice to have some offline tools available to you as well and just be technology free for some short sweet moments in your life. Sure, you can totally just sit down and count your breaths, but the benefit of having a mala is that they are made with stones that have certain properties to help you manifest the things you want in life. But first of all, why meditate? Continue reading “How to: meditate with a mala”