5 single use items you can ditch NOW! + giveaway reminder

We are often taught to think globally but act locally. Jane Goodall said something once that really made me think, and I believe there is truth in it! She said that if we think globally, we will become filled with gloom. Because the world’s problems can get so daunting that it’s easy for us to get disheartened and give up on the good things we are already doing. What to do instead?

Think locally! If we forget about the big picture for a moment, and just focus on what’s around you, you can start doing what you can where you can. And while you are connecting with your local community, when you look up, you will see someone else doing their part in their community, and another person in another area. And all together, we will fill in parts of the big daunting canvas.

One of the ‘small’ things you can start doing right away is ditch single use plastics! Did you know that we produce around 300 million tonnes of plastic every single year? 40% of it is destined for single use! That’s a stupid amount, and at the same time, so easy to avoid. Check out my top 5 list of single use plastic items to ditch!

Here is a list of the top 5 single use items you can ditch right away:

1. Bottled water

I mean, are you seriously still buying these on the regular? My favourite BPA-free one is from Camelbak. Mine’s been all around the world, and it has an integrated loop that allows you to clip a carabiner onto it and attach it to just about anything!

2. Plastic grocery bags

Now, we all know those little fold-up parachute-material things your mom carries in her purse. Get yourself one too! And while we’re on the topic, did you know you can put your apples and pears in reusable bags too? Check out these lightweight ones from Onya! Bonus: they’re made from recycled PET bottles.

3. To-go coffee cups

Did you know the lining of these paper cups are made from plastic? It makes it super hard to recycle! Get a KeepCup instead, and most cafes will even give you a discount for bringing your own cup 🙂 #WINNING!

4. Menstrual products

Oh, you thought sanitary pads are made from cotton and therefore biodegradable? NOPE. Just imagine the amount of waste that goes to landfill every single month (never mind the nasty substances in these synthetic products). Times almost half the global population. Invest in a silicone menstrual cup! And before you go ‘yuck’, do your research. There are a ton of brands out there with super informative websites and yes, also ‘user reviews’. Check out Mooncup or Divacup for example!

5. Straws 

Because let’s face it, straws suck. We’ve all seen that video of the turtle that got a straw stuck in its nose by now 🙁 And because I want to help you reduce your straw usage, I teamed up with the one and only Bamboo Straw Girl to give one set of bamboo straws away!


  1. Follow Sunshine Sister and Bamboo Straw Girl on Instagram!
  2. Post a photo or video on either Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #MyOceanPledge. Explain what you will do to reduce your plastic consumption.

THAT’S IT! You can participate multiple times, a winner will be drawn at the end of the week. Good luck 😀

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Author: Eline